• Allure of the No

    I didn’t build a lighthouse on purpose
    Don’t start construction inside me
    Because I know you won’t
    Have the patience to understand
    The ecology of my mind
    To sit down
    To untangle my thoughts
    Thread by thread
    Dear you might end up dead
    It’s cold in here
    But only when you’re close
    I won’t even let you try
    Shut your ears
    Close your eyes
    Keep on drifting by

  • Dreamweaver

    I have ideas

    About the chapters in my book

    And sometimes I make plans

    But the best storyteller I know

    The skilled dream weaver

    Artist of life

    Veil of secrets

    Is the universe

    The ultimate creator

    And destroyer

    That force you feel mixing in the air

    Wondering which way

    The magic will blow

  • Girl, They Don’t Know Your Worth

    Girl, They Don’t Know Your Worth

    I promise you
    That it’s getting better
    Imagine driving
    In LOVE
    With some one new
    With your life
    With yourself
    And realize
    You are HAPPY
    And not only happy
    But astonishingly BLESSED
    It’s all come together
    Whoever hurt you
    Is waking up today
    At the same time
    How much better it used to be
    When you were around
    You are the light
    The lavender fields
    The volcano sunsets
    That keep the rest of us going
    You are hope
    Don’t waste ANY time
    Feeling sad about those
    Who are infested with demons
    Who are BLIND
    You shine
    You helped them more than you know
    And the only reason
    They made you feel low
    Is because
    You’re up

    I was literally driving today on my way to teach yoga and realized that my present is so much better than my past. I was so happy that I felt bitter because of how I had allowed myself to be made to feel so low.

    I kept saying yes to the wrong people and getting tangled up in the wrong situations over and over again. Until I hit the lowest of the lows: the breaking point: the self intervention: the collapse into despair.

    It has been one year of processing through my own inner demons that was triggered, realizing that I am worth much more than the people around me were treating me as and saying NO over and over again because I am not going to take whatever I can get. I deserve to have my heart be cherished.

    This poem was inspired by things people have said to me, things I’ve said to myself, and things I want to say to any woman whose worth has not been fully realized by the people around her.

    Stay blessed x

  • Just Words

    For those who have convinced me with their words when I was too naive to wait for their actions . . .

    Emotions are disabled.

    Dull in the eyes and slippery on the skin. Tragedy and sunlight. Everything rolls across without a moment to soak in.

    I can barely hear their heartbeat. Not even a stomach rumble for the future. Too afraid to hold anything tight.

    But what about me– I draped them in affection. I shined over them like quartz.

    Their thick of thorns locked away the rain and I don’t know how to claw my way through a cactus without bleeding.

    Jagged breath kisses. Locked jaws. Read but no reply. Dialogue with the mind instead of the heart. Sticky words in a web of contradictions.

    They painted beautiful sceneries with air. They hooked cords into me and snatched them away once they became bored of tasting my light. Once they realized that I wasn’t going to fix them and the idea of fixing themselves . . . too challenging.

    Wake up little dandelions. Let them sink themselves to the bottom of the ocean. Alone.

  • Karmic Love

    Spiders are crawling out of my eyes. There are cactuses knotted in my hair. I haven’t showered in 6 days. There’s food on the floor and daddy roaches are slithering around for scraps. I saw an ant get eaten by another ant. I’m dreaming about sucking on your tongue and swallowing your morning breath. I’m nasty filthy longing for you. I thought you would stay, but all you do is walk away.

  • Stardust

    The moments and stars are in tune. Our thoughts and actions click into each other like peaceful dreams. Blades of grass and the hairs on our head, like our spirits, are always growing even though they appear to be stagnant.

    It takes a year to understand all that is contained in a day. It takes reflection to read yourself clearly. Passing thoughts with thorough contemplation reveals answers you thought only a fine tuned psychic could tell you.

    We are puzzle pieces that fit together and fall apart in the same soggy moment. It is important to see these changes, wrap them in suede and tuck them inside you. Be thankful. Every adversity and splash of bad luck has brought you to this present moment equally as much as a heavenly stroke of divine intervention.

    People cannot return to you the gifts you have poured onto them from your heart because not everyone has the same heart as you. Not everyone has your same eyes or breath and that is what makes us individuals. You are you because of you so do not tangle when I am not you because I am I. Thank everyone for their own unique essence. Their vibration is a contribution to this mystical universe.

    Love as heavy as you can. Eat love, sleep with it, throw it at people like stones through glass windows. We all need love and it does not cause you any debt to hand it out.

  • Completion

    She waits for it

    Like a child in a deep sleep

    Aware that morning will come

    Tucked quietly in the darkness


    Certain of the sun

  • Anatomy of a Tree

    I am hurt
    But I feel rooted
    My spirit doesn’t float on a flimsy string
    It is a thick tree
    Inside my ribs
    Spreading tall to my eyes

    But its limbs are shaking in my stomach
    Wind whipping in my head
    I’m tired
    I’m dizzy

    Fallen leaves all around
    I wait for them to rot
    And turn themselves into soil
    That breeds something else

    It is better to have a storm
    Than an apocalypse
    To burst away
    Before I crawled too tightly into the cookie cutter

    I am strong
    I am shaken
    I am allowed to be both

    It hurts to walk away from you, but my intuition told me that I should.