• Bitter-Sourced Aid

    This graphic art piece is intended to provide symbolism for the naturopathic principle: tolle causam. The meaning behind this piece is to shed light on how our health issues can be the lemons (symptoms) to create lemonade (living to our fullest health and wellness potential). Health issues can be uncomfortable, invoke fear, pain, and inhibit us from living life the way we want to in certain respects. The symptoms are the lemons: bitter. When we have symptoms, we seek treatment, and in turn this can potentially lead us to revitalize our existence, establish healthy routines and habits, prevent other more serious diseases and feel well from the inside out. The sunset in the background represents the many dimensions and beauty of a patient. The mountain represents the obstacles and challenges in achieving health. The lemon juice squeezed onto the mountain represents the nourishment needed to overcome those health challenges.