Empty Suitcase

I left a space
Dripping in lace
Red straps
I wanted a kiss
But I got slapped

I was hoping to get replaced
With regret
Not with an empty set
Of ghost chasing
In my chest

I didn’t think it was a race
But for the first time I tasted my strength
This pain has length
It’s long and large
My empty suitcase

I locked myself in a hotel room
My heart has imprints of the cage
I slipped and slung in the slum
While my grief recalled rage

A forest set on fire
It won’t rain for 9 more winters
Paint to a painter
It won’t dry for 9 more summers

The account is in my name
I should have never acted like a scavenger
And started the game
I was just a passenger
I held the flag
Then I became the rag

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