• The Realities of Juicing

    The Realities of Juicing

    First, you’re going to need a good juicer. One that can pulverize efficiently and that can literally squeeze out the MOST juice from the pulp. I got mine for $90 off of Amazon called the “Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer
    Juicing takes TIME. Okay no matter how nice your juicer is, you’re going to need to wash, peel (sometimes), and chop your produce. So make your juice in bulk. Cleaning the actual juicer will also take TIME. They make it look so easy, truly. But that is why a cup of juice goes for $9 – it be damn time consuming.
    You will spend an extra $30-$45 USD a week on produce for your juice if you want to drink juice every day of the week. Yes, vegetables and fruits aren’t that expensive compared to your favorite nacho vegan cheese, but you need a lot of them in order to produce a substantial amount of juice.
    There is going to be a lot of “waste” aka pulp. Start a compost or your trash will be smelly and you’ll feel guilty for throwing away all the plant matter. There are also recipes online of what you can do with the leftover pulp, but I personally have not done too much with pulp besides chuck it in the compost. It is too time consuming for me and I am not crafty enough for that.
    Juice is not a substitute for a meal unless you are intentionally doing a juice fast. Juice is veg and fruit minus fiber, so you will be hungry AF if that’s all you’re feeding yourself. Be very careful and mindful with fasting. Yes it will detox you, but it will also make you irritible and weak. Proceed with caution and do your research.
    Be careful what you wear because there be some splatter – especially during the chopping and juicing process. So, don’t wear white while you juice. And be especially cautious with turmeric and beets! Trust.
    You will feel SO refreshed after juice time, I promise. Your cells will sparkle.

    ALL IN ALL . . .

    ✨Reserve 1-2 hours to make a pitcher of juice for the week
    ✨ Start a compost
    ✨Juice is not a meal, remember to eat solid foods so you get enough fiber.
    ✨ Juice will separate, so stir/mix before you drink
    ✨ Juice tends to expire within 7 days or less, so drink up!