• Rivers

    The wounds are still rivers
    The wolves consumed the moon
    The wisdom has not bubbled up
    The window is still fogged
    The well is covered in slugs
    The walls are hemorrhaging
    My hands are in the air
    The isn’t the dream I dreamed of

  • Empty Suitcase

    I left a space
    Dripping in lace
    Red straps
    I wanted a kiss
    But I got slapped

    I was hoping to get replaced
    With regret
    Not with an empty set
    Of ghost chasing
    In my chest

    I didn’t think it was a race
    But for the first time I tasted my strength
    This pain has length
    It’s long and large
    My empty suitcase

    I locked myself in a hotel room
    My heart has imprints of the cage
    I slipped and slung in the slum
    While my grief recalled rage

    A forest set on fire
    It won’t rain for 9 more winters
    Paint to a painter
    It won’t dry for 9 more summers

    The account is in my name
    I should have never acted like a scavenger
    And started the game
    I was just a passenger
    I held the flag
    Then I became the rag

  • Engraved

    Sometimes the road just ends. The comfort becomes poison. The structure becomes rotten. I started to think that love isn’t enough. Love is plenty enough, it’s just that that wasn’t love.