• Allure of the No

    I didn’t build a lighthouse on purpose
    Don’t start construction inside me
    Because I know you won’t
    Have the patience to understand
    The ecology of my mind
    To sit down
    To untangle my thoughts
    Thread by thread
    Dear you might end up dead
    It’s cold in here
    But only when you’re close
    I won’t even let you try
    Shut your ears
    Close your eyes
    Keep on drifting by

  • Dreamweaver

    I have ideas

    About the chapters in my book

    And sometimes I make plans

    But the best storyteller I know

    The skilled dream weaver

    Artist of life

    Veil of secrets

    Is the universe

    The ultimate creator

    And destroyer

    That force you feel mixing in the air

    Wondering which way

    The magic will blow

  • Girl, They Don’t Know Your Worth

    Girl, They Don’t Know Your Worth

    I promise you
    That it is getting better
    Imagine driving
    In LOVE
    And realize
    You are HAPPY
    And not only happy
    But straight BLESSED
    Whoever hurt you
    Is waking up today
    At the same time
    How much better it used to be
    When you were around
    Because GIRL
    You are the light
    The lavender fields
    And volcano sunsets
    That keep the rest of us going
    You are hope
    And don’t you waste ANY time
    Feeling sad about people
    Who are infested with demons
    Who are BLIND
    To your shine
    You helped them more than you know
    But now
    It’s time for you

    I was literally driving today on my way to teach yoga and realized that my present is so much better than my past. I was so happy that I felt bitter because of how I had allowed myself to be subjected to such low frequencies.

    I kept saying yes to the wrong people and getting tangled up in the wrong situations over and over again. Until I hit the lowest of the lows: the breaking point: the self intervention: the collapse into despair.

    It has been one year of processing through my own shit that was triggered, realizing that I am worth much more than the people around me were treating me as and saying NO over and over again because I am not going to take whatever I can get. I want the best of the best. And it has arrived.

    This poem was inspired by things people have said to me, things I’ve said to myself, and things I want to say to any woman whose worth has not been fully realized by the people around her.

    Stay blessed x

  • Poems For My Ex


    For all the pain that you see in my writing, know that I experienced two-fold the amount of love and happiness. Relationships are beautiful because they cause you to feel. Break-ups are amazing because you can turn every inch of suffering into wisdom and growth. This is my third major break-up. It’s funny because we always ask why is this happening and believe that that person was our one true soulmate. I think so, but we have more than one. And, always, the next one we meet is better than the last. I’m walking alone again and it feels right. I’ve finally reached that place where I am not looking back on the past so much, longing, or questioning. I am healing. I have written so much about this break up as it has put gasoline on my creative fire. So, to my ex, thank you, I love you, and I release you.
    Here are 8 of my favorite pieces:


    The most painful memory is the one where I had my arms wrapped around your neck. Looking up at you because you’re so tall and you said to me while the music hummed behind your voice that you wanted to be with me forever. I love your eyes and kissing you. Your words were the glow that brightened the fact that I wasn’t just building a house, I was building a sky scraper in my heart. But slowly you began removing the doors, then the windows, the stairs, and all the metal. Leaving only a pile of crumbled cement. That fleeting moment of love, labeled with eternal, revealed itself to be just a story of how a great big tower came to be destroyed.


    I’ve spent so much time wishing
    For a cloud in the sky
    A ghost in the attic
    But truly
    I don’t want storms
    Or to be hauntedRead More

  • You Are A Tree, Not an Acorn

    Don’t forget
    That you are a tree
    Roots open across the earth
    Flowers sprouting along your limbs
    Skeleton thickening in the winters
    So why are you watching the acorns
    Burying themselves below
    Only just having the potential
    To grow
    The first break is
    A cloudy frozen scape
    But you wait for them
    To crack soil
    To force their way through
    Why do you pause for them
    The truth is that
    Even when they find their way up
    They will never catch up to you
    So look for the sun
    Keep growing
    You’ll meet another tree
    That blooms like you

  • Body To Corpse

    The following poem was inspired by a Serial Killer.

    I hack
    And slice and chop
    Like a kid
    Syrup sliding down my wrist
    Power sponged in the creases

    I tell them to stop dripping their tears
    On my cement floor
    And clawing for their life
    As I lure it away

    Time wavers
    Their eyes drip into clouds
    Nothing left inside

    The moment dissolves
    As I shiver
    With blood love