• Body To Corpse

    The following poem was inspired by a Serial Killer.

    I hack
    And slice and chop
    Like a kid
    Syrup sliding down my wrist
    Power sponged in the creases

    I tell them to stop dripping their tears
    On my cement floor
    And clawing for their life
    As I lure it away

    Time wavers
    Their eyes drip into clouds
    Nothing left inside

    The moment dissolves
    As I shiver
    With blood love

  • 86

    If I wait for you to call me I’ll never hear from you
    But when you’re here you’re too much
    And I pray for you to go away
    To leave
    To not exist

    This is hard
    Love is hard
    It makes you question whether this is even love
    Because its painful
    And you never get what you want

    I am sick
    So sick
    I am sick I am sick
    I want more
    But why can I not be happy with what I already have?
    Which is myself

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  • Star Soul

    The following prose is inspired by remarks from my astrological birth chart.

    She is free.
    She does what she wants and does it without fear.
    Her mind is on fire and her emotions overflowing.
    She savors her solitude more than the average person might,
    It is all about balance with her
    She seeks the middle path—
    Collapsing if she sways too far to one side.

    In love, she is intense.
    Her emotions are raw, screaming vibrations from her soul.
    She is indifferent or passionately in love, there is no in between.
    She needs some one who is daring and energetic enough to keep up with her.
    She attracts darkness and adventures
    But needs some one who could provide her with stability–
    Her opposite, some one to balance her out.

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