• Rebirth

    Honey got in through the trap door again. It was so sticky this time that nothing could be let in or out. It was either winter or a wild fire. Nothing was breathing. Just ash floating in the sky like snow. Like bits of broken butterfly wings.

    So nature made it rain. Cleared the air. Watered the foundations. And surprisingly enough, there were seeds burrowed in the dirt. Forgotten little things waiting to burst through. In no time wild flowers and ferns bubbled up. And the sun and stars breathed out in relief.

  • Red Wine

    I’ve never been so happy

    To take me out on a date

    People-watch over the balcony

    A man in the corner

    Plays the saxophone

    I’ve fallen in sweetness

    With the thought

    That I’m all I need

  • Angry

    My chest is bursting at the seams and I will not run away. I will not explode. I will sit in the middle of the floor and ride out this fever.

  • Out Of Love

    You’re coming into the shallow end of my heart

    The warmth of your body still lingers at the edges

    But we are both turning cold

    And we know it

  • Sticky Seaweed

    There is something wild in me
    Filled with fire
    Who is having fun destroying everything

    I am creating secrets again
    My own life
    And scrubbing out the stick

    How terrible to be intertwined
    Like seaweed tangled in your toes
    Swimming across the ocean of pain

  • Ready For Cake

    I tasted a tear and there wasn’t even salt inside
    I’m so tired of crying
    Burning and itching
    Heart bitten

    I argued with myself like a teenager
    You are going to regret this
    But I have to make sure
    I have to check for a pulse one more time

    I continue
    Come on it’s dead
    That false puff of air
    I love to love dead things

    I’m becoming crazy
    Wild and reckless
    Like I always do
    it doesn’t surprise me anymore
    As I watch myself go mad

    It’s becoming my ritual
    To shiver and bleed
    As I slice up the cake

    The knife is in my hand
    As I press on the frosting
    I wish I knew where to collect the strength
    To cut all the way through

  • Nothing Can

    Nothing can be perfect
    Or stay forever lasting
    But what about the embers
    At the bottom of the fire pit
    Or all the sand
    That sleeps below the waves
    I’ll stay as long as I can

  • Backseat

    The rain locked us together
    As the fog hung around the mountain trees
    The sky reflected in your eyes
    And I couldn’t believe
    How easy it was to be with you

  • Farewell

    Thank you
    You’ve played with my heart
    You’ve burned my skin
    And suffocated my lungs
    With heat
    With warmth
    The rain started falling
    And I couldn’t go anywhere
    We can’t speak all the time
    But we smile together
    You’ve surprised me
    After all you’ve taken from me
    And pushed me down
    Tossed me around
    I noticed the flowers that you laid out for me
    Go find another heart
    To steal
    Feed them dragon fruit
    And show them the sleepy alleys with graffiti
    It’s true
    I fall in love with you more everyday
    Our bond thickening
    With every second
    My feet are planted on your floor
    But since I have you
    I don’t want you
    Chiang Mai
    I’ve outgrown you
    Thank you
    Chiang Mai
    I’m letting you go
    I want something different
    Oceans not mountains
    Islands not traffic

  • Night

    I am a creature of the night
    A slimy alien
    Laughing on the moon
    I found true love
    Only to watch it disappear
    Behind a mountain
    I can’t see without the light
    But my eyes are adjusting
    I’m a bat now
    Living in a cave of dripping drops
    With crystals hidden inside the layers
    The moon will roll over the mountains again
    The darkness is my home again