Ready For Cake

I tasted a tear and there wasn’t even salt inside
I’m so tired of crying
Burning and itching
Heart bitten

I argued with myself like a teenager
You are going to regret this
But I have to make sure
I have to check for a pulse one more time

Even STILL the CPR continues
Come on it’s dead
But I’ll latch onto anything
That false puff of air
I love to love dead things

I’m becoming crazy
Wild and reckless
Like I always do
it doesn’t surprise me anymore
As I watch myself go mad

It’s becoming my ritual
To shiver and bleed
And I am getting so close
To slicing up the cake

The knife is in my hand
As I press on the frosting
I wish I knew where to collect the strength
To cut all the way through

Something which can be tasted
But without knowing how to swallow

I brace myself


One thought on “Ready For Cake

  • Reply Lambertz Wilfried January 5, 2019 at 7:02 pm

    I love this !

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