Thank you
You’ve played with my heart
You’ve burned my skin
And suffocated my lungs
With heat
With warmth
The rain started falling
And I couldn’t go anywhere
We can’t speak all the time
But we smile together
You’ve surprised me
After all you’ve taken from me
And pushed me down
Tossed me around
I noticed the flowers that you laid out for me
Go find another heart
To steal
Feed them dragon fruit
And show them the sleepy alleys with graffiti
It’s true
I fall in love with you more everyday
Our bond thickening
With every second
My feet are planted on your floor
But since I have you
I don’t want you
Chiang Mai
I’ve outgrown you
Thank you
Chiang Mai
I’m letting you go
I want something different
Oceans not mountains
Islands not traffic

One thought on “Farewell

  • Reply Wilfried October 23, 2018 at 2:56 am

    Save travels my dear !
    Fulfill your dreams, keep falling in love with countries and their people !
    Keep writing, keep dreaming, spread it out to the world !
    We all will benefit from your experiences !

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