• How to be a Tourist in Srinagar

    W H A T ‘ S  I T  L I K E ? –

    Srinagar is a bustling yet laid back city in Northern India. I understood the locals to be friendly, hospitable, and open. They understand the earning potential of tourism, so visitors are treated with respect and kindness in hopes that positive word will spread to other travelers.

    The city is made of cement and metal with Dal Lake as the centerpiece. There is constant beeping and driving commotion. Men and women are typically dressed in traditional loose-fitting kaftans and pants. Most locals are Muslim. Some women may be seen draped from head, including veils over the eyes, to ankles in black shawls. There are also women who expose their hair, but legs and shoulders are always concealed with loose-fitting clothing.

    Within the city, men can be found going about their business. Women primarily stay inside the house cooking, taking care of the young ones, and ensuring the household runs efficiently. Still, some women were seen roaming the streets alone. Locals remain close to their traditions and, as a result, creates an authenticity, free from the corruption of other over-saturated touristic cities in India.

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