Prayer For The Universe

Here is a prayer
For the magic
Of the Universe:
Guide me
Where I am meant to go
I am listening
For the moon calls
And snake whispers
Because my spirit
Could use
A sprig of mint

One thought on “Prayer For The Universe

  • Reply Heather YaYa Anatra September 28, 2018 at 7:06 pm

    Ally, your “Prayer for the Universe” is beautiful, and also very revealing. Did you know that in Shamanism all things are considered to be alive. All things have within them Great Spirit or consciousness. All things contain wisdom and can be communicated with. Sitting quietly with nature creates stability in our lives. I know because I have sat quietly with the stones on a rocky beach and on rocky terrains and have asked the stones to teach me. As a child I would sit quietly with a stone that I had picked up from the ground. I would ‘hear’ so much. Although I never told anyone about this as I wouldn’t have even known how to communicate it, it brought so much stability to my young life. At the time it just seemed to be instinct to listen to the stones, only to find out later in life from a Shaman that I had been a very powerful Shaman in a previous life. To be honest, I am not sure how much I believe in reincarnation or even what exactly happens when we die, but looking back I realize that I have always heard the, sometimes loud, whispers from “Mother Earth”. That is why I wasn’t surprised in recent years that results from a DNA test showed that I have Native American heritage.
    Ally, it is so interesting to me that so many of your beautiful writings reveal that you hear the ‘whispers’ too.
    Here is a little FYI; great emotional pain and trauma opens the doorway to this ‘place’. I know

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