Empty Spaces

I wake up with the sunrise
And fall asleep to the rain
I’ve started taking naps again
And showering alone
Yet all I have left
Are these thoughts
That I turn into poems

2 thoughts on “Empty Spaces

  • Reply Heather YaYa Anatra September 1, 2018 at 5:10 am

    Ally, it has been a joyful experience reading of your travels, seeing your beautiful pictures and hearing your voice through your writings. As someone who has known you even before you were born, I am the amazed witness of a subtle metamorphosis. From a child to an adult having the understanding and wisdom that very few have achieved in a lifetime. Somehow you have learned that Love is the bridge between you and everything. It appears that you have learned to tune into the quiet workings of your mind, and have become comfortable in your own skin, which can keep you centered in the face of trials, whether from family, intimate relationships, or in the public arena. This will give you the rare ability to help even those close to you without your ego getting involved. That is the definition of a true healer. “The wound is the place where the light enters you” (Rumi) You are on your way to becoming that healer. No more guilt about not being able to help, comfort and heal those closest to you. Just the energy of your presence will speak wonders of peace and comfort, healing hearts and minds. You can pass on the lessons that you have learned. Of how you have come understand that every day is an opportunity for a new life, and that every day we all stand at the tipping point of our life. And on any one day we can change the future – through the way that we feel. (R. Byrne)
    Here, for all to see Ally, you have done that. The time will soon come for you , as a qualified teacher in these inner qualities, to bring these truths to others – those closest to you and strangers. Your students are waiting!

    • Reply Allyson Sydney September 1, 2018 at 11:26 am

      Well, I am going to cry. I love what you wrote. Thank you so much for reading, supporting, and believing in me. I love you infinitely.

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