• Stardust

    The moments and stars are in tune. Our thoughts and actions click into each other like peaceful dreams. Blades of grass and the hairs on our head, like our spirits, are always growing even though they appear to be stagnant.

    It takes a year to understand all that is contained in a day. It takes reflection to read yourself clearly. Passing thoughts with thorough contemplation reveals answers you thought only a fine tuned psychic could tell you.

    We are puzzle pieces that fit together and fall apart in the same soggy moment. It is important to see these changes, wrap them in suede and tuck them inside you. Be thankful. Every adversity and splash of bad luck has brought you to this present moment equally as much as a heavenly stroke of divine intervention.

    People cannot return to you the gifts you have poured onto them from your heart because not everyone has the same heart as you. Not everyone has your same eyes or breath and that is what makes us individuals. You are you because of you so do not tangle when I am not you because I am I. Thank everyone for their own unique essence. Their vibration is a contribution to this mystical universe.

    Love as heavy as you can. Eat love, sleep with it, throw it at people like stones through glass windows. We all need love and it does not cause you any debt to hand it out.

  • Star Soul

    The following prose is inspired by remarks from my astrological birth chart.

    She is free.
    She does what she wants and does it without fear.
    Her mind is on fire and her emotions overflowing.
    She savors her solitude more than the average person might,
    It is all about balance with her
    She seeks the middle path—
    Collapsing if she sways too far to one side.

    In love, she is intense.
    Her emotions are raw, screaming vibrations from her soul.
    She is indifferent or passionately in love, there is no in between.
    She needs some one who is daring and energetic enough to keep up with her.
    She attracts darkness and adventures
    But needs some one who could provide her with stability–
    Her opposite, some one to balance her out.

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