• Acupuncture in CNX

    Yesterday I went to a Chinese Acupuncture Clinic named Mungkala. The clinic was only a 10 minute walk from my apartment and right next to a small cafe that my friends and I always love to go to (Kat’s Kitchen). I walked down my street (Loi Kroh Road), which is a long windy strip of over-priced restaurants, bars and massage places with pretty, done up Thai girls (short dresses and lots of make up)  standing around. It is more or less a place where old men usually go to eat, drink, and receive attention from pretty Thai girls (some Lady Boys too). It is a little bit disturbing, but prostitution is a reality of Thailand and it is easier than you think to grow numb to.

    I arrived at the moat (the giant square that is the center of Chiang Mai city) and crossed. Sometimes a car almost hits me and sometimes my J-walking attempts are quite smooth. Fortunately, I am still alive and well. Traffic, driving and walking on the side of the street (because there are usually no side walks) in Chiang Mai is very over-stimulating and aggressive. Instead of cars and motorbikes following the street in one line, everyone floods in and out like a very adaptive blob of movement.

    I walk up to a nice little garden area with succulents lined along a stone path, table and chairs, and rusty swings. It always amazes me to find cute nature sceneries tucked inches from the dirty side walks and musty streets. And as soon as you step off the street and into a backyard it is somehow quiet and peaceful with green things like grass and trees.

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