• Just Words

    For those who have convinced me with their words when I was too naive to wait for their actions . . .

    Emotions are disabled.

    Dull in the eyes and slippery on the skin. Tragedy and sunlight. Everything rolls across without a moment to soak in.

    I can barely hear their heartbeat. Not even a stomach rumble for the future. Too afraid to hold anything tight.

    But what about me– I draped them in affection. I shined over them like quartz.

    Their thick of thorns locked away the rain and I don’t know how to claw my way through a cactus without bleeding.

    Jagged breath kisses. Locked jaws. Read but no reply. Dialogue with the mind instead of the heart. Sticky words in a web of contradictions.

    They painted beautiful sceneries with air. They hooked cords into me and snatched them away once they became bored of tasting my light. Once they realized that I wasn’t going to fix them and the idea of fixing themselves . . . too challenging.

    Wake up little dandelions. Let them sink themselves to the bottom of the ocean. Alone.