Online Wellness Retreats

During the 2019 COVID-19 outbreak, when the whole world was forced to shut down and isolate, we came up with the idea to create online, 100% virtual retreats hosted on a private Instagram page.

The idea was to host something affordable, flexible, fun, and spiritually enriching. We are passionate about bring together like-minded people who want to better themselves, dive into spiritual concepts, and be supported by a commUNITY.

Previous Retreats:

Eclipse Festival

December 14 – 21, 2020

This is a 100% virtual retreat, hosted on a private Instagram account @888.eclipse.

It is designed for those who can’t take time off work or have responsibilities that they cannot step away from, who need an affordable self-care experience. It is for those who are looking to heal their mind, body, soul, explore spiritual subjects, and connect with other like-minded spirits. Everything is 100% recorded.

What is this retreat about?

On December 14th, there will be a Total Solar Eclipse. Eclipses are seen in the spiritual and astrological world as a period of exponential growth and an opportunity to heal the shadow self.

To flow with these changes, we are hosting an 8-day virtual retreat. Each evening, we will gather for MEDITATION, JOURNALING, and YIN YOGA with Ally. Each class is planned to educate on the Yin organs of the body.

DAY I >>> Eclipse Ceremony
DAY II >> Yin
DAY II >>> Yin
DAY IV >>> Yin
DAY V >>> Yin
DAY VI >>> Yin
DAY VII >>> Yin
DAY VIII >>> Winter Solstice Ceremony

We end the retreat on the Winter Solstice to welcome the change of seasons and prepare for cold weather. Throughout the week there will be special bonus classes led by guest teachers – you will NOT want to miss!

This retreat is designed for those who are busy, work, or have a family. What we learn in these magical 8 days will prepare you to have the power to manifest, stay mentally balanced, and nourish your spirit.

What is Included?

Access to a Community of Like-Minded Souls
Winter Solstice Ceremony
8-Day Self-Care Routine & Spiritual Practice
Featured Classes
Yin Yoga
8 Writing Exercises



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  3. Follow @888.Eclipse on Instagram