Girl, They Don’t Know Your Worth

Girl, They Don’t Know Your Worth

I promise you
That it is getting better
Imagine driving
And realize
You are HAPPY
And not only happy
But straight BLESSED
Whoever hurt you
Is waking up today
At the same time
How much better it used to be
When you were around
Because GIRL
You are the light
The lavender fields
And volcano sunsets
That keep the rest of us going
You are hope
And don’t you waste ANY time
Feeling sad about people
Who are infested with demons
Who are BLIND
To your shine
You helped them more than you know
But now
It’s time for you

I was literally driving today on my way to teach yoga and realized that my present is so much better than my past. I was so happy that I felt bitter because of how I had allowed myself to be subjected to such low frequencies.

I kept saying yes to the wrong people and getting tangled up in the wrong situations over and over again. Until I hit the lowest of the lows: the breaking point: the self intervention: the collapse into despair.

It has been one year of processing through my own shit that was triggered, realizing that I am worth much more than the people around me were treating me as and saying NO over and over again because I am not going to take whatever I can get. I want the best of the best. And it has arrived.

This poem was inspired by things people have said to me, things I’ve said to myself, and things I want to say to any woman whose worth has not been fully realized by the people around her.

Stay blessed x

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