Graceful Fire – moving on, letting go, feeling nothing, and being free

Each individual must be the one to take off their own blindfold.

It’s all very simple how life works. It’s just a little river that we have to be patient and flexible enough to flow with. I’ve been working on letting go piece by piece and healing. And it is not a quick fix situation. It’s a full on process of transformation and grieving. A lot of grieving as I release. And it’s interesting because with loss you can be absolutely fine going about your day, but then you will hear a song or have a dream or just absolutely randomly the switch will flip and you will feel all that sadness come to you. Sometimes anger. Surprising emotions.

It’s been a lovely experience going through all this. Well, of course, it’s also been terrible and gut-wrenching. But I’m at the end now. The rain has already come and I am sitting in a field of fruits, basking in all the rewards of my labor. So, I’ve literally never been better. Physically, professionally, emotionally, and spiritually. There is so much abundance and the world is mine.But I really did handle this head on. I jumped in even though I knew that the water was freezing and it would be a super difficult, long-winded task. To my surprise, I’m recovering quite fast comparatively. Growth is a process of healing yourself through feeling, understanding, and being patient. It’s very tiring, but it needs to be acted on immediately or else it sinks into your physical body and can manifest as disease.

I woke up this morning with this thought that I would be absolutely nothing without my pain and different life experiences. All the shit is what made me. All the traveling has educated me. The uniqueness of my life has brought understanding. I want to thank the world. I want to thank all the fuckers out there. All those low vibe people who have fed off of my energy and tried to steal my power. Bless you darling devils. I have nothing nice to say about any of the people who have hurt and abused me, personality wise, but I best recognize that these souls taught me a lot by how they harmed me.

They’re like the friction of the match on the sand paper. Not the match. Not the fire. But that small yet necessary action of dragging the match across the sandpaper. Because without that, I wouldn’t have all this fire and passion inside me and the strength to burn away all those people and situations that aren’t worthy of me.

You’ve truly succeeded when you feel absolutely nothing for that person who made you feel everything. Because when you become genuine about not caring, the power that they stole comes back to you. They’re unable to scratch you up like they once did. It’s so beautiful to dance around unafraid and truly free. Freedom is not giving a fuck. It’s feeling like nothing can touch you because you just leveled up in the game of life.

Most of the people that I’ve left behind have stayed exactly the same. Right where I left them. Unchanged and doing the same thing they’ve always been doing. Living that same life. How can they be so stagnant– hanging out in a loop of suffering? Praise the gods that that is not my problem anymore. And they’re not leaning on me or feeding off of me. It validates my decision to abandon. And relieves me that I’m not on that frequency with them anymore.

A lot of people tell me that I am fearless for exploring the world alone. But to be honest, it scares me more to stay in one place. And as I type, I realize that I mean that physically and on the inside. It is hard labor to grow internally likewise traveling abroad, but it is obviously worth it. There are very few people who have stayed present in my life throughout and very few places that I would return to. This world is fucked and convoluted filled with low-frequency people, but having that fear of getting hurt is worthless. Because it doesn’t matter whether things are good or bad, as long as we are having some sort of experience. And the bad shit is what is truly going to make you.

Get your butt out there, have an open heart, and say thank you when it gets broken.

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  • Reply Lambertz Wilfried July 5, 2019 at 11:55 am

    So super nice and beautiful written !

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