Third Eye Sight

There are unseen energies swirling, guiding, interfering, and influencing us. Allow us to break down this veil and use this knowledge to heal, play, and manifest our most beautiful reality possible.

We call people who can tune into the outer realms psychics and witches, but we all have this power within us. Open the doors and pull up the blinds. Breathe in your magik. Feel your vibrations pulsate waves through your body and on the skin. It is the heat in your palms. The dull heartbeat inside your skull. It is the colors flickering behind your eyelashes.

Feel, see, hear, smell, and taste all that is outside the physical realm. Talk to it. Manifest. And indulge in this profound opportunity called life.

One thought on “Third Eye Sight

  • Reply Heather YaYa Anatra May 5, 2019 at 8:40 am

    This is an absolutely amazing writing Ally. Seems your life experiences have accelerated the beautiful blossoming of spiritual growth within you. Like a vibrantly colored blossom, it’s enchantment comes from that secret light within. So much wisdom and light in your writings.

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