The Two Seedlings

It was a thoroughly confusing time. We felt so lost. It became dark and it was difficult to see the string that held our hearts together. We didn’t know how to navigate without breaking apart. Without hurting each other.

There were some things that were necessary for us to realize. But we had to do it apart.

It caused a lot of pain. But the pain taught us something. We learned how to grow into our own spirit.

So, we grew like seeds and broke through the dirt despite all that weighed us down. And, now, we are blossoming. Now, we have even deeper roots to ground us.

We are each other’s sun and rain. We help each other.

Finally, we are finding our way back to intertwine. It is a special feeling to know that the storm has passed and we are side by side again. To know that no matter the damage, nothing can stop what is meant to be.

We are stronger together, but, now, we know how strong we can be on our own too.

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