Sorry I Fucked Up

We always think
One day they will rise to the morning
To call and say
Sorry I fucked up
But the truth is
They say it to themselves every day
But in so quiet of a voice
That it can’t be heard
Over their tangled thoughts
And the loud ways
In which they dull their regrets
There are thoughts of you
But you’ve been locked up
And buried in a box

Forgive. Accept. Walk away.

One thought on “Sorry I Fucked Up

  • Reply Heather YaYa Anatra October 12, 2018 at 10:10 pm

    Ally, Your comments have made me think about what A. Pope once said, “Blessed is he who expects nothing for he shall never be disappointed”. Some disappointments can be bigger than others. It can start young – your parents don’t parent well; teachers can be bullies; friends can turn on use for no reason; someone you care about can betray you.
    Disappointments happen to everyone, but not everyone reacts the same when disappointments come into their lives. Any bad experience that we have can be a good experience if we learn from it. One who has had serious disappointments and overcome them can become a comforter and healer to others who are suffering disappointments. Don’t let disappointments, no matter how big, destroy you. Learn from them, become a healer. Teach people who have been disabled by disappointments not to sit in that state indefinitely. Some have done this, only to have lived sad and wasted lives. Teach others not to rely on anyone but themselves for happiness. We have so many reasons to be happy. Like life, a gift, and all that is really important and wondrous. Do we really appreciate what a marvel life is. One thought in our heads can distort how we view life. If our thoughts and emotions are the things that are important to us, that is where our attention will be. We will be blind to the wonders that are ours to use.
    We woke up this morning. How wondrous! How joyful! Millions of people who went to sleep last night did not wake up this morning. Yes, we woke up this morning. We are alive. Appreciate it. Smile at everyone you see today and every day. Be joyful, joy is contagious. Disappointments no longer might seem as important as they once did. Forgiveness for those who have unknowingly failed us might even be a little easier. Life really is good. It’s your gift. Use it to make the world a better place.
    Ally, your thoughts here are important. At one time or other they are the thoughts and hardships of everyone. Life is good – people are imperfect.

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