For The Boys

As I grow more experienced in this world, the easier it has become to pick out the boys who don’t respect women. They are the ones using our bodies to put temporary band-aids on their wounds. And when that moment comes, where they realize that this body isn’t going to fix them, they discard what they had and hunt for the next one.

I’m talking about the ones who have sex without looking you in the eye, who disappear without warning, and who are incapable of reciprocating what you give. These are the damaged ones who don’t take responsibility to set aside time alone, to go deep within themselves and put in the inner work.

It is a weak person, a lost person, who abuses outside things in a sure-fail attempt to bury their pain. That’s impossible. We are allowed to be weak, but I’m talking about those who turn this stage into a lifestyle. Be careful. Boys like these are sprinkled everywhere like plastic in the ocean.

Because the man who truly respects the woman honors the power that glows inside every single one of us, is mesmerized by our strength knowing it comes from a softness, and who finds it impossible to ignore our profound beauty.

A man that respects a woman protects her, relishes in her, because he sees how valuable she is. So, if you are a woman reading this, become wise, and pay no attention to those who aren’t in awe of you.

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