Paradoxical Girl

I am the fragile shell and the light
I push everyone away with my heart open
I am wounded yet I am strong
I am crying and I am smiling

Here I am

Bleeding out and donating my strength
I am a bitch and I am loving
I stay inside to weep and I go out to dance
I am talking shit about you and calling to see if you’re okay

There are two sides

I am cranky and I am bubbly
I’ll take my shit out on you and then ask how your day was
I will bring you a gift then steal your lighter

Here is the paradox

I wake up early and stay up late to write
I am not to be trusted yet people believe in me
I’m star bright but not without darkness

I am the ocean

I am a yellow sunset

I am the snake strangling the mouse

And I am the mouse getting strangled by the snake

And amidst all of it: I am the sun burn and I am the moon glow

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