The Leech

This is my leech

I love him and I hate him

He never leaves me

He lives right on my chest, right above my heart

Everyday he gets fatter and fatter

With my blood––

And I get weaker and weaker

I try to pull him off but he says no

Let me stay he begs

His little leech teeth are buried deep in my skin

My leech tells me how much he loves me

I tell him he just loves my blood

We have good times though

I make him laugh––

He makes me giggle

We fall asleep together at night

He tells me how soft my skin is

And how rich my blood is––

It makes me smile

I ask when he will be full

I am he says––

I just like to feel your warmth


I know he is lying

I want him to stop

I need my blood

He keeps drinking

I tell him to stop

That was the last sip––I swear

I believe him

It hurts now

I am stressed now

I can’t eat

Or sleep

Or feel

I will make you feel better he tells me

When I tell him to let go––

He gets mad

Really mad

I need your blood just as much as you!

I try to compromise

Things get violent

He takes more blood

Please stop drinking I beg

I cry a little too

This makes him drink more

But its so rich he says

And pure

You are so pure

That is why I love you––he says

This makes me smile

I let him rest on my chest

And rub his slimy back until he falls asleep

But I am losing a lot of blood now

One day I could not take it anymore

I was so sick

I told him to leave me alone

To remove himself from my heart

He told me that was impossible

That our souls were already welded together

That his teeth were too gripped into me

That I could never pull him off if I tried

I hated these words

And I ripped him off

And peeled his teeth from my chest

And chucked his engorged leech body into the corner

It didn’t hurt at all

I did not even check to see if he was okay

I was so happy to be free

I felt my heart

It felt fine

It was beating again

My skin was glowing again

My lips were curving more often

I was living my life again

I was finally happy again

And I did not even scar.

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