𓆸 I am honored that you found me. 𓆃

My name is Allyson. I was born on October 3rd in Connecticut, USA. Libra Sun, Taurus Moon, and Cancer Rising.

By the age of 16, I knew that I was meant to travel the world to learn, to experience, to search. And so I began to wander the world from age 17, solo.

I went through a number of emotional traumas, abuse, and soul woundings from childhood to my early twenties, which awakened my spiritual path and brought clarity to my purpose on earth: To help others along their spiritual journey.

Virtual Wellness Retreat

On December 14th, there will be a Total Solar Eclipse. Eclipses are seen in the spiritual and astrological world as a period of exponential growth and an opportunity to heal the shadow self.

To flow with these changes, we are hosting an 8-day virtual retreat. Each evening, we will gather for MEDITATION, JOURNALING, and YIN YOGA with Ally.

Throughout the week there will be special bonus classes led by guest teachers – you will NOT want to miss!

We end the retreat on the Winter Solstice to welcome the change of seasons and prepare for cold weather.

This retreat is designed for those who are busy, work, or have a family. What we learn in these magical 8 days will prepare you to have the power to manifest, stay mentally balanced, and nourish your spirit.

Practice Yoga with Me 𓆃

I have been practicing and teaching Hatha Yoga since 2013.

I studied at the Om Shanti Om Ashram in Rishikesh, India and became a certified RYT 200. I have taught yoga all over the world and worked with all types of demographics: Children, Adults, Elderly, Addicts, Travelers, Pregnant + Postpartum Women, and more.

I offer Local events, classes and Private Yoga in Connecticut through my own small business: Shanti Community Yoga & Healing.

To book me for a workshop or retreat, email shanticommunityyogahealing@gmail.com

Retreat Consultant & Creator

I am extremely passionate about bringing people together to teach the importance of self-care through yoga, meditation, and journaling.

Since July 2020, I have created my own wellness retreats from scratch. I love to collaborate with other teachers and thought leaders to educate my online community.

I also create events and provide wellness consultations for big companies who have a wellness budget in place or those who want to take care of their employees. Email allyson.anatra@gmail.com for a free proposal on how to create a healthier and more productive work environment through wellness and holistic therapies.

Take a look at my previous and upcoming retreats:

Intuitive Tarot Camp – July 2020

Explore Deeply Retreat – September 2020

Eclipse Festival – December 2020

Sacred Si-Stars Community

On the New and Full Moon, we gather virtually on Zoom to connect, write intentions, meditate, practice our psychic and intuitive skills, and align with the moon as a collective.

Part of the membership includes a Monthly Energy Guide and free entry to all virtual retreats. We would be honored to have you join our comm-unity.

Book a Tarot Reading

Are you seeking Guidance from your Spirit Guides and the Universe?

This is a great way to gain clarity on a confusing situation, make sense of your past, and guide you towards your most beautiful future.